Joyva Tahini Creamy Puree Sesame Seeds, 15 oz
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Product Information
Joyva Tahini Creamy Puree Sesame Seeds, 15 oz
Product category
Home & Garden > Food & Beverages > Pantry > Jam, Honey & Spreads > Savoury Spreads
Additional Information
Enjoy a tasty snack with this joyva sesame tahini creamy puree.
It is made with no additives.
The roasted sesame tahini has a creamy texture and is also gluten-free.
It can be used to create various dishes that will be full of delicious taste.
The roasted sesame paste is made using ingredients that are all natural.
Be creative with how you decide to use it, and take some of your favorite recipes to the next level.
This product comes in a package that contains 15 oz.
It can be enjoyed for something quick to have in the afternoon or can be used to create something special for dinner.
joyva tahini creamy puree sesame seeds, 15 oz: gluten-free no additives tahini is an all-natural creamy puree of sesame seeds that has a light, nut-like flavor because it contains no emulsifiers or thickeners, it can separate for a free recipe booklet, send to joyva corp. 53 varick ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11237 Roasted sesame Tahini is full of delicious flavor
Last updated at:11/5/2023, 3:00:20 AM
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