Antennas Direct DB8e Enhanced Multidirectional Bowtie UHF Antenna ADIDB8E
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Product Information
Antennas Direct DB8e Enhanced Multidirectional Bowtie UHF Antenna ADIDB8E
Product category
Consumer Electronics > TV, Video & Home Audio > TV, Video & Audio Accessories > TV & Video Accessories > Antennas
Product Properties
Additional Information
Antennas direct enhanced multidirectional bowtie uhf antenna is perfect for attic as well as outdoor use and has high gain across entire uhf band.antennas direct enhanced multidirectional bowtie uhf antenna has a maximum gain of 17.4 dbi and 75 ohm impedance.
Uhf antenna features weatherproof construction with designed brackets that allow elements to turn 360 deg.
Multidirectional bowtie antenna.
Wave band: uhf.
Size: 37 1/2""h x 50""w x 6""d.
Range: works 70+ miles from broadcast towers.
Gain: 17.4 dbi maximum.
Very flexible aiming characteristics.
Impedance: 75 ohm.
Great for outdoor and attic use.
High gain acros.
High gain across entire uhf band (uhf channels 14-51).
Designed brackets allow antenna panels to turn 180 deg.
Sold as 1 each.
Range: 70+ miles Special brackets allow the 2 antenna panels to target broadcast towers in multiple directions Ideal for outdoor & attic use Includes mounting brackets Mount and coaxial cable sold separately Dim: 35.7"H x 50"W x 6"D
Last updated at:5/30/2023, 4:49:30 PM
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