Gp66 Green Miracle Cleaner, Gallon Cleans Over 1,000 Surface Types All-in-one Powerful Nsf Approved
Product Information
Gp66 Green Miracle Cleaner, Gallon Cleans Over 1,000 Surface Types All-in-one Powerful Nsf Approved
Product category
Home & Garden > Major Appliances > Major Appliances Parts & Accessories > Parts & Accessories
Product Properties
Red, White, Blue, Yellow
Estimated shipping weight
9.48 lb
Actual weight
9.48 lb
Volumetric weight
8.23 lb
Additional Information
Gp66 green miracle cleaner gallon (1, gal.) all purpose cleaner kitchen cleaner bathroom cleaner laundry detergent cleaning spray cleans just about anything oven cleaner grout cleaner cooktop cleaner removes the toughest dirt, grease, & grime from just about anything anywhere!
Gp66 is a water based & proprietary all in one cleaning solution initially developed for industrial use.
Now, its in homes all across america.
Made in america, nsf approved, no animal testing, biodegradable, & environmentally friendly: "nsf certification is your key that the products you use meet strict standards for public health protection".
Gp66 is water based & made in the usa by a small family owned & operated business!
Gp66 is proven.
The formula meets o.s.h.a.
Requirements & has been reviewed by the epa, department of health & human hygiene, & aviation administration concentrated & makes 64 regular bottles saving you time & money!
One do it all solution!
Gp66 cleans ovens, carpets, pots & pans, concrete, brick, grout, laundry, equipment, microwaves, spray paint, grills, airway strips, graffitti, automobiles, floors, wine, blood, pet mess, tables, golf clubs, fireplaces, bacon grease, laminate floors, roofs, vinyl, glass, furniture, stove tops, walls, & more!
The most effective & powerful formula!
When you clean with water & other detergents, you are not getting results because water is like a film that sits on top of a surface rather than penetrating through it.
Gp66 breaks the surface tension of water which allows gp to mix & emulsify your stain. 100% money back if not satisfied.
Original gp66 green miracle cleaner the superior household & industrial cleaner that cleans the toughest from almost anything american made since 1966 what is gp66 green miracle cleaner?
Gp66 is the most powerful cleaning solution in the home, originally developed for industrial use, gp66 removes the toughest dirt, grease, & grime unlike any other cleaning product from just abou...
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