Grace USA Hook and Pick Set - 6 pc. Set
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Product Information
Grace USA Hook and Pick Set - 6 pc. Set
Product category
Home & Garden > Tools & Workshop Equipment > Hand Tools > Putty Knives & Scrapers
Product Properties
Estimated shipping weight
1 lb
Actual weight
0.25 lb
Volumetric weight
0.11 lb
Additional Information
The grace hook & pick set - 6 pc.
Set is a finely crafted set of tools made in the great american tradition.
Set includes: 1/8" small scribe, 30 degree bent pick, 90 degree bent pick, double bend pick, 180 degree loop pick, 180 degree hook pick.
the grace usa hook & pick set - 6 pc.
Set Is A Finely Crafted Set Of Tools Set Includes: 1/8" Small Scribe, 30 Degree Bent Pick, 90 Degree Bent Pick, Double Bend Pick, 180 Degree Loop Pick, 180 Degree Hook Pick Made With Chromium-Vanadium 8650 Alloy Steel Blades, Black Oxide Blades, Nickel Plated Steel Ferrules Lifetime Guarantee
Last updated at:9/24/2022, 5:59:51 AM
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