KNIPEX - 00 20 07 US1 Tools - 3 Piece Alligator Pliers Set (7, 10, & 12) (002007US1)
Product Information
KNIPEX - 00 20 07 US1 Tools - 3 Piece Alligator Pliers Set (7, 10, & 12) (002007US1)
Product category
Home & Garden > Tools & Workshop Equipment > Hand Tools > Pliers
Product Properties
Estimated shipping weight
2.67 lb
Actual weight
2.67 lb
Volumetric weight
0.88 lb
Additional Information
Providing more output and comfort compared to conventional water pump pliers of the same length, the knipex tools alligator water pump pliers offers nine adjustment positions for 30 percent more gripping capacity and good access to the workpiece due to the slim size in its head and joint areas.
It's so versatile, it can be used in any industry: automotive, electrical, hvacr, industrial, and even for diy.
A serrated gripping surface on the jaws allows for gripping any shaped object: round, square, hex, or flat.
Plus, the tool's teeth are induction hardened for wear resistance and a longer life.
A box joint provides directional stability when working in any environment.
This dual channel design offers the operator increased confidence that the tool will not bend or break under heavy duty working conditions.
A fine adjustment enables you to find the perfect setting for different sized workpieces.
By adjusting the handles to get the appropriate width, you can lock the jaws into place to avoid slipping off the workpiece.
Once locked into position, you won't have to squeeze the handles to get a greater grip.
Only downward pressure on the top handle is needed to firmly hold the object.
The alligator also has a forged on pinch guard that prevents the operator's fingers and hands from being pinched.
Because the guard is forged at the same time that the tool is made, it will last as long as the tool itself.
3-Piece Set Contains Part #'s 88 01 180, 88 01 250 and 88 01 300 Self-locking on pipes and nuts: no slipping on the workpiece and low hand force required Thin head design is perfect for working in confined or hard-to-reach areas Serrated gripping surface with special hardened teeth Grips any shaped object - round, square, hex, or flat
Last updated at:9/30/2022, 5:05:30 AM
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