RecorderGear PR200 Bluetooth Cell Phone Call Recording Device, iPhone and Android Mobile Recorder
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Product Information
RecorderGear PR200 Bluetooth Cell Phone Call Recording Device, iPhone and Android Mobile Recorder
Product category
Cell Phones & Accessories > Cell Phone Accessories > Other Cell Phone Accessories
Product Properties
Additional Information
The recordergear™ pr200 bluetooth cell phone call recording device is the ultimate recording device because is can record both cell phone calls and function as a regular handheld digital voice recorder.
The pr200 can take care of most of your recording needs.
Cell phone recording the pr200 wirelessly records both sides of a conversation on any bluetooth compatible mobile phone.
Most phones have bluetooth capability including iphone, android, all smart phones, and basic cell phones.
Once your phone is connected to the pr200 you phone conversation is wirelessly routed through the device and it records both sides of the call.
You will hold the pr200 up to your ear and talk, using it in place of your cell phone.
Voice recorder switch the device into the voice recorder mode to record meetings, lectures, dictations, or memos!
Its small size and high powered microphone make it ultimate multi-use recording device.
No cables or software is needed to get your recordings from the device and onto a mac/windows computer.
Just plug the device directly into any computer and functions as usb flash drive making it super easy to retrieve your recordings.
You can also listen to your recordings directly from the device!
What's in the box? - pr200 cell recorder - instruction manual - 1yr warranty
wirelessly record cell calls records both sides of a conversation on any bluetooth compatible mobile phone.
Works on iphone, android, smart phones, and simple phones.
Voice recorder mode this mode allows you to use the device as a general voice recorder; record meetings, lectures, dictations, or memos!
Built-in speaker load recordings onto your computer or listen to them directly from the pr200.
Built-in usb connector no software or cables needed.
It turns into a usb storage device and plugs directly into your computer. 4gb memory + 144hrs plenty of memory and audio capacity for all your recordings. 12hr battery up to 12hrs in voice recorder mode and up to 5hrs in phone recording mode.
Mp3 format recording download to your computer and play in any audio program or on an ipod.
Mac & windows no extra software needed.
Works with both!
Last updated at:7/30/2022, 8:40:13 AM
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