Seco-Larm E-931-S35RRQ Enforcer Indoor/Outdoor Wall Mounted Photoelectric Beam Sensor with 35 Foot Range
Seco-Larm E-931-S35RRQ Enforcer Indoor/Outdoor Wall Mounted Photoelectric Beam Sensor with 35 Foot Range
Product Properties
Additional Information
Create a secure perimeter along your driveway, front door, side gate and more with the seco-larm enforcer retro-reflective photoelectric beam sensor.
The kit creates an invisible infrared beam and alerts you when the beam is broken by sounding your alarm.
The sensor is constructed in a rugged, weatherproof enclosure for maximum durability wherever you install it.
This kit can be used for a variety of applications.
Use it as an alarm to protect yourself from home intruders.
Mount it in front of a driveway so you know when a car pulls up.
You can even use the sensor as a parking indicator in your garage to help you park in the right spot.
Features Easy to install with included mounting hardware Adjustable response time and sensing range LED lights indicate statusContents: Transmitter/Receiver Sensor Mounting Brackets Reflector Reflector HoodSpecifications Type: NIR Retro-Reflective Sensing Range: 0.5 to 45 feet (0.1 to 14m) Supply Voltage: 12 to250 VAC/VDC 12VDC: Standby: 20mA, Active 40mA 24VDC: Standby 10mA, Active 20mA Response Time: 5 to 100ms adjustable Light Source: IR LED LEDs: Yellow LED (alignment), Red LED (trigger) Output: SPDT Relay Output (NO/NC/COM) Switching Capacity: 3A at 120VAC/3A at 30VDC Enclosure: IP66 Waterproof Ambient Temp: -4 to 131 degrees F (-20 to 55 degrees C) - SKU: HMCNT8299
Seco-Larm ENFORCER E-931-S35RRQ Photoelectric Beam Detector Seco-Larm ENFORCER E-931-S35RRQ Photoelectric Beam Detector
Last updated at:7/28/2022, 5:10:50 PM
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