Supco Modular Ice Maker Replacement Kit, Part No. RIM943
Supco Modular Ice Maker Replacement Kit, Part No. RIM943
Product Properties
Additional Information
Replacement moduler refrigerator ice-maker part number im943.
Replacement for the numbers 4317943, 626633, 626636, 4210317, 4211173, 4317943r, 480616, 480617, 482014, 482015, 482016, 482017, 482018, 482019, 482394, 482433, 482990, 625601, 625603, 625610, 625611, 625622, 625625, 625653, 625656, 625660, 626002, 626201, 626237, 626366, 626461, 626489, 626608, 626609, 626626, 626636, 626670, 626681, 626687, 627572, 68972-4, 797991, 8114, 833701, 978552, 978553, 978556, m626687, w10122496, w10190952, w10281545.
W10122496, ps358591 and ap2984633.
Designed to fit specific whirlpool manufactured refrigerator models including kitchenaid, roper and some kenmore's.
Includes: 1 cord that has a round 4 pin connection and measures 7.25" long 1 cord that has a flat rectangle 4 pin connection and measures 10.5" long 1 shutoff bail arm 1 level plate (plastic) 2 mounting clips instructions the cord plugs into the head of the ice-maker then into the refrigerator.
Both cords are fuse protected.
In some cases you may have to use your old cord.
The cord removes from the ice-maker by pushing on the spring clip and pulling it out from the socket.
The thickness of the ice is controlled by turning a plastic screw on the side of the head.
This ice-maker is designed for replacement only and does not include ice-maker valve or bucket.
refrigerator ice maker im943 designed to fit specific whirlpool manufactured refrigerator models.
Replacement for numbers 4317943, w10122496 8 cube, 2 wire harnesses included.
Last updated at:7/28/2022, 3:45:42 PM
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